St. Louis, Missouri

North base of the Gateway Arch

On the way to Sallisaw, Oklahoma, we went up in the “Gateway to the West” Arch.  Took a lot of photos, but most of them aren’t worth uploading.  Here’s a view of the north base of the arch.  The park surrounding the arch is very pleasant, extending a little over a kilometer along the Mississippi.

Nearby, there is a bar/pizza place where you can get a punch card to record the shots you buy.  Punch out all 128 flavors (around five hundred dollars) and you get a “free” large pizza.  Pizza is very good, though.

(We didn’t go to that pizza place this trip.  Instead, we drove a short distance to a highly-recommended Thai restaurant.  But it was so crowded, we walked around and found another place that was quite good. Everyone in the restaurant but us was speaking Arabic.)

Solar cells on rail carsWe did walk around the park a bit, and a few blocks of the downtown area.  Between the park and the river are railroad tracks.  I took a few photos of a train going by, including a couple of them showing solar cells on hopper cars.  I suppose they power GPS devices to keep track of the cars’ travels and to find them if they get misplaced.

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