Being an expatriate: Why?

International Living promotes being an expatriate.  They gave me a PDF seemingly intended to persuade me to move to Uruguay.  Why would I want to?

“Bill Tickle, a British expat who retired to Punta permanently with his wife in 2010, lives in the San Rafael neighborhood—cut straight from the cloth of gentrified Europe or Americana at its Norman Rockwell best.  Quiet, tree-lined streets, tidy homes with perfectly clipped lawns. …”

Move seven thousand miles to get what I can get right here?  Must be another reason.…

“Right now in Montevideo you can buy a new studio apartment in the desirable Pocitos area for less than $100,000.”

A three-bedroom house one block from me is listed at ninety thousand; a three-bedroom house one mile from me is listed at $66,000.  Must be another reason.…

“Uruguayans are very tolerant and inclusive,” one expat told me. “I’ve always been uncomfortable in other Latin American countries where there is a distinction between, for instance, the wealthy foreigners and the poor servers. There really isn’t a class division here…and that adds to my quality of life.”

Ah, here we have a reason that might persuade someone.  My reason for wanting to travel is to see new places, learn new things, and do some good.  Where would you like to go, and why?

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