the Boy Scout Motto…

Q: What’s the Boy Scout Motto?

On the way to the bank, my front brake cable broke.  So I finished my banking and headed for the nearest bike shop.

When I was almost there, budda-budda-budda —the broken cable came loose and dropped the cross-cable onto the front tire, making me carry the bike the rest of the way.

Closed Monday!?!?!  Start carrying the bike the 1.3 kilometers to the next bike shop.  After a few blocks, I realized I could tie the cable around the handlebars and make the front wheel rollable again.

Closed Monday!?!?!  Sigh — Have to go after work to the bike shop across town.

A: Be Prepared!

So, in addition to an extra tube, I need to carry extra brake cables.  Not eager to tackle the Alps without brakes!

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