Logroño to Arróniz

After a pleasant few days in Logroño, I took a bus to Los Arcos.  The ticket agent had told me there were no buses to Arróniz, so I walked about twelve kilometers.  It was a hot day and I had to drink two liters from my half-liter Grayl (and refill it three times).  The only water was in streams and ditches, but I didn’t get sick—the Grayl works!

About a kilometer from Arróniz, a policeman zoomed up on a motorcycle, chewed me out for walking on the wrong side of the road, turned around, and zoomed back to town.  At the edge of town, my “welcoming committee” was hundreds of bicyclists!  I happened to pick the day of a big race to come to town.

Fortunately, the bikers hadn’t taken all the available lodging.  I spent the night in a very pleasant casa rural.  It had a nice kitchen, so I went out for groceries.  But apparently, the people of Arróniz do their shopping somewhere else.

Made it up to an old church on a hill, looking down over the town.

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