Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Apparently Flint (Wales, not Michigan) doesn’t have many lodging choices.

Said good-bye to my charming landlord-for-three-days, got on the 07:23 bus to Shrewsbury, small breakfast there, then the 09:25 train to Flint.  On the way to a bus stop in Flint, discovered a coffee/snack spot in the town hall, profits going to a hunger relief charity.

Took a bus to Holywell, went through the museum, and looked at the well.  One lady thought I was the priest: “Can I get a blessing off ya?”  Next to the chapel was a cemetery apparently unmaintained for decades.  Many stones fallen; all nearly hidden by ivy, nettles, thorns, etc.  Sad.

After a light lunch, since I had a half-hour before the bus, I walked down the street and found the remains of a large mill.

Back in Flint, used free WiFi at McDonald’s to look for lodging.  Hmmm—The Ship Hotel across the busy street, a guesthouse in (apparently) the residential area behind McDonald’s, or a couple of places further away (which I suspect were more expensive).  Well, after walking over an hour (it looked close on the map) with twenty kilograms on my back, I found that the alleged location of the guesthouse was actually a Royal Mail distribution center, and attempts to call the guesthouse failed.

So, back to “The Ship,” where I got the last room, directly over the bar in which the live band (every Saturday night) turned down the volume a little at midnight.  At one o’clock, I can still hear them, but at least the trucks and cars under my window have almost stopped.

In spite of the noise, I’ll stay here tomorrow night as well, and use the time (and the WiFi) to take care of some things I haven’t been able to do for the last several days.  This includes some phone calls that I haven’t been able to make since leaving Spain.

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  1. WGroleau says:

    Two o’clock—bar closed, noise stopped.  Good night, all.  Hope my Fort Wayne friend has power to her phone tomorrow—and hope mine works!

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