Cansado del Camino

That’s also a song title.

Got a bike and a bus!  Bus dropped me and the bike off in Urbiola.  Biked halfway to Villamayor de Monjardín, walked the other half.  Got there just in time for the “Jesus meditation.”  Those that knew me were surprised because I am scheduled to arrive the twentieth.  I had told B. and B. that I would drop off the gospels, but they are staying home with a new baby, so S. is the manager now.

Spent much of the morning emptying the backpack and putting half of the stuff in the alforjas. Got on the Camino a little before noon and to Viana about 5:30. Too late for the meditation at the “Chill Café” tea house.

Some of the Camino hils are steep enough that I had to walk. So the average speed (not counting time stopped) was only eleven kilometers per hour.


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