Nighted States of America?

The sun did set on the British Empire.  Is it our turn?

Some people seem to be seriously suggesting (in response to the recent election) that California should secede.  I wonder whether they are aware that the last time a similar idea was tried, 750,000 people died.

I also wonder, do they think they can get a majority of Californians to go along with it?  About a third of the California votes were for Trump.  I highly doubt that all of the other two-thirds want secession.  If twelve percent (plus the Trump voters) think that secession would be worse than Trump, “hang in there” would have the majority.

What if they do decide to secede?  It would be illegal without a constitutional amendment, which many point out is a hard thing to get.  But would this one would be hard to get?  Republican Congressmen and Republican-majority states might be glad to get rid of 55 predictably Democratic electoral votes.  There are certainly enough “red” states to ratify the amendment, but I don’t know whether there are enough Congressmen to propose it.

If it were to become legal, though, perhaps other states would secede as well, and there would soon no longer be a USA.

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