Boston Surprise

In other news—not fake, believe me!—I get to spend a week in Boston, thanks to two airlines who will not get my business in the future.  (A similar stunt by the same two airlines cost me $600 and a sleepless night in JFK last year.)

The upside is that it gives me time to accomplish some things I wanted to do before leaving but didn’t have the chance earlier.  And to wander around my wife’s favorite city a bit.

Yesterday, went to Walmart and bought a replacement for a carry-on bag that has seen its last days.  This morning, had a “Central American Breakfast” that was quite good.  This afternoon, bought a refurbished laptop with a one-year warranty to replace my five-year-old one which is occasionally misbehaving.  Tomorrow, plan to visit the Spanish Consulate to ask questions about my visa & ID.

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