There’s No Place Like Home.

There’s no place like home!  So if you don’t like things to be different, stay there.

Don’t be the guy I heard last year, on a Spanish airline, headed for Spain, loudly expressing his displeasure at having to see Spanish words on the seat back.

Don’t be the woman who chose to live in Spain, and then blogs her complaints about the differences.

In Spain, people speak Spanish.¹  Live with it or stay home.

In Spain, the washing machine is in the kitchen and the dryer is a rope on the balcony.  Live with it or stay home.

In Spain, the stores are closed from 14:00 to 17:00.  Learn to shop in the morning, or stay home.  (I’m still trying to re-train myself on this one!)

¹And Catalan and Gallego and Basque.

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  1. WGroleau says:

    Of course, I have to admit that I don’t find EVERY detail enjoyable. But if I want to travel, I have to accept the consequences.