Why is Wes Wandering?

Some people think I’m a carefree wanderer.  Some people think I’m a missionary.  Not really either one, though there’s a hint of truth in each.

Some time ago, I got a sudden urge to hit the road, to be a nomad.  But as appealing as the idea seemed, I thought it inappropriate.  What about family?  What about building God’s Kingdom?

But I couldn’t get rid of the idea, and folks I thought would talk me out of it instead seemed to be encouraging.

So, in October of 2014, I retired from software engineering, sold the house, and took off.  I’ve ended up in places and situations I didn’t plan on, but I don’t think God was ever surprised.

“The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.”   — Prov. 16:9
“You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.”   — Prov. 19:21

I fell asleep in Lisbon and missed a plane to Barcelona.  So I went to the train station, got on a train, and now I am in Burgos.  I thought I wanted to live in a small village on the Camino de Santiago, but if nothing goes wrong tomorrow, I’ll be living for a year or more in a sizable city on the Camino.  Found a nice church, and the pastor is no longer the oldest person there.  They are also interested in reaching out to the pilgrims.

I plan to help at least three projects that are reaching out to the pilgrims:

Otherwise, I’ll be praying, reading, wandering around northern Spain, and learning Chinese.  At least those are my plans (see above).


Uh-oh, here’s where the guy asks for money!  No, I don’t believe in asking for money unless I just sold something.  Besides, I already have what I need financially.  If you really think God wants you to send me something, comment below and I’ll try to talk you out of it.

But there’s a kind of support I do need: prayer.  Pray that I go to the right places, meet the right people, and do/say the right things for them.  Thanks!

This blog is for my prayer supporters and close family, whom I assume want to know what’s going on in a more personal level.  Another blog is for a more general audience.  Neither gets as much updating as they deserve, but that’s just my disorganized personality.

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  1. Wes Groleau says:

    And the next day, I read:

    “When you are stuck, the best thing you can do is ask your loving Father, What is best? There is no point trying to get off a boat if you are meant to be on it. Maybe the very thing you are stuck in is His will. Then you find joy in doing what you are meant to do—even if you have a ‘better’ idea.”

    Heidi & Rolland Baker, “Reckless Devotion.”

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