Google Not Always Faithful

Google Fi sounded like the solution to my phone/internet woes.  But can I trust them?  Even the reviewers who like it (and I haven’t found one that doesn’t) reveal that the “seamless transition” between providers is false advertising.  On their forum, I find users complaining that they are being charged for calls advertised as free.  And numerous links to find out the cost of a call from (whereever) to USA go to pages that only say “depends on what country you are calling to.”  Finally, their Help pages are carefully designed to prevent actually contacting them to ask about these issues.  It’s obviously not Semper Fi.

Since it’s non-contract, it would be worth a month’s fee to test it—were it not for the fact that it only works with three specific models of phone, the cheapest of which costs $166 at Google and $379 at “Best Buy.”  (Sounds like Worst Buy to me.)

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  1. WGroleau says:

    Well, after a few more days of struggling, I came to the conclusions that (1) Google Fi will be expensive, but cheaper than anything else available; and (2) Google Fi service quality wiull be pretty bad but better than anything else available.  And the price of a used Nexus 5x here is over €300.

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