Murphy followed me to Spain

Even though I am almost at the end of the data I’ve paid for, I may use the rest posting this complaint.  To add more data, I have three options:

  • Go to the store, which opens 36 hours from now.
  • Enter a phone number that I don’t have into the cell company’s website.
  • Download their free management app, which Apple says I’m not allowed to do because I’m an American and the app is for Spain.

So, the phone call I wanted to make tonight has to wait till Monday, and the plane tickets I need will also have to wait (while they go up in price).

Of course, there is a phone number associated with any cell plan, but when they put the SIM card in, they threw away the packaging that had all the numbers and codes on it.

But on the humorous side, if you’re using too much data and you don’t understand why, they have a web page that explains that it’s your music and videos, especially your videos. And if you want to know more about this, they offer a video you can watch.

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