What’s Next For Me?

That’s the question I am asked from time to time (not always those exact words).  The answer has generally been, “I do not know.”  But perhaps a better answer is

“… contemplating the Lord’s glory, and being transformed into his image”
II Cor. 3:18

“Yeah, smart-aleck.  You know we meant where/what/when”  Tentatively, I hope to spend Thanksgiving with my sons near Washington, DC, and Christmas with family in Oklahoma.  I truly have not decided nor been told about January and beyond.  But I believe my presence on the Camino de Santiago was arranged by God, and I have thoroughly enjoyed spending about a quarter of my retirement (so far) here. So, it seems very likely that I’ll be back.

Unless I learn some new trick (or God does a miracle), I can’t legally come back before the end of January, and Hogar Monjardín doesn’t open until April.  So for the beginning of 2017, I am considering several possibilities, one of which is finding a place to do absolutely nothing except hang out with Jesus.

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