Can You Help?

The person who wrote this is a friend of mine—I can assure you¹ it is not a scam.  If you want to contribute to this, leave your e-mail in a comment (I won’t publish it) and I will send you the rest of the info.

Shortly after we came to Ethiopia in 2015 to help teach medicine, Dr. _____ joined the residency.  His son had been treated and “cured” of leukemia five years prior.  Unfortunately, three weeks ago, his son developed concerning symptoms for relapse.  There is no treatment in Ethiopia so he took [his son] back to South Africa where recurrent leukemia was diagnosed last Monday.

Like almost every Ethiopian, Dr. _____ and his family have no medical insurance.  While the hospital has agreed to start treatment, they will need $75,000 for the course of chemotherapy.

We are writing to ask if you would consider donating to help his son.  Without chemotherapy² he will not live.  While your donation would not be tax-deductible, it would be incredibly helpful.  In addition, a generous donor has offered to match the first $10,000 dollar for dollar.

¹If you don’t know me, you would be wise to ignore all but the next footnote.

²or a miracle.  You can pray for them, too!

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