Here We Go Again

A little over a year ago, many of us were upset at Democratic party leadership effectively saying, “We don’t care what our members want, we are going to ensure Hilary Clinton gets our nomination.”

Now history is repeating itself.  The leader of the FCC is determined to remove regulations preventing big internet companies from making it difficult for you to access online content that they don’t want you to get.  This is not merely a mistake—he didn’t say he thinks he’s doing the right thing, he calls it a “fight that we are going to win.” He has not had the standard public meetings, and is ignoring opposing comments from people who understand the implications of this action.

You may have heard how this will allow your internet service provider (ISP) to charge content providers like Netflix or Youtube fees to let their content get to you faster.  You might like that idea because you like Netflix or Youtube.  But if you are getting TV and internet from the same company, consider that it also would not only raise the price you are paying for that content, but would allow them to interfere with the quality of that content when they want you to watch their shows instead.

Let’s look a little further.  It won’t just allow the providers to make it easier for you to get what they want you to get.  It will also let them make it harder for you to get what they don’t want you to get—such as:

  • This article you’re reading and similar articles, opposing this change.
  • News (real or fake) that might influence you to not vote the way they prefer.
  • A blog you like, because they didn’t sell the advertisements that are on it (or not on it).
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