Warning, Will Robinson!

Facebook would not allow me to post something recently.  They said it “contained an unsafe link.”  After looking a bit, my hypothesis is that they are lying; that the true reason is it has the potential to reduce their advertising revenue.

It may be that if they happen to discover this article exists, that they will ban me from Facebook.  I’ll take the chance.

The link in question was http://www.fbpurity.com.  Now, I don’t really knowthat FB lied.  It’s possible that this thing might be a ploy to capture your password, or some other thing you type when you’re using your web browser.  But at least one person asserts strongly that it is safe.  And for what it’s worth, there are a few other tools that claim to be useful for this purpose.  And, it’s quite possible one or more of them is malicious.  If that’s the case, I disclaim any responsibility!  🙂

This post¹ will self-destruct in five days.

¹Copyright © 2018 W. Wesley Groleau.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited—especially not allowed on Facebook!.

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  1. WGroleau says:

    With Safari or Firefox, FBP depends on a support package. Safari, “tamper monkey” and Firefox, “grease monkey.” They aren’t malicious in themselves, but they make it easier to do things in JavaScript. I installed in Firefox to evaluate, since Safari is my main browser. It lets you turn on or off dozens of Facebook “features.”