A boy is dead because doctors in South Africa did not listen to his father, who is a doctor from Ethiopia.

A baby is dead because caregivers in Ethiopia did not listen to a doctor who was invited to their country to teach them.

A man is receiving critical care¹ because caregivers in Colorado did not listen to his wife who has a nursing degree.

I am hungry because I didn’t know that restaurants here close a lot earlier than in America.

What “tragedy” happened to you today?

¹Paragraph added 13 March 2019

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  1. WGroleau says:

    When I wrote that, I was not aware of a genuine tragedy in USA that is the main talk of Facebook today instead of the usual twaddle.  If I had known, I could have added “Seventeen children are dead because school officials didn’t listen to a kid who was being bullied, nor to the teachers who said he was dangerous.”