Honor your father and mother

For more than a year, I’ve pondered how to proportion my time among: living and working with my spiritual family¹ in Spain; living near enough to my parents in USA to help them; and traveling.  It’s a tough question, and my sister recently brought it to mind again with a bit more news about our parents’ situation.

Jesus’s statements seem contradictory when He said on one occasion to forget the family and follow Me (“Let the dead bury the dead”), yet at another time reprimanded people using God as an excuse to neglect filial duties (Matthew 15:4-6).

The red tape associated with a visa for Spain, along with tax implications, make it much easier to only spend a little less than half the time in Spain.  So perhaps that’s the solution.

¹Of course, churches I attend in other places are also “spiritual family” but I feel especially called to and at home with the group in Navarra.

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