In 2015, I thought I might go to Amsterdam to do some work for a few weeks.  But God said, “No, I’m sending you to Spain to learn to love and to be loved.”  My wife, parents, children, siblings, etc. loved me and I loved them—I can’t deny that.  But God chose to do more in my heart in eight months¹ with Oasis Trails than in a decade or two in USA.

When I retired in 2014, sold the house, and hit the road, I thought I would spend three to six months somewhere, learn the language, do some good, and move on to the next place.  But now it looks like Navarra will be my “base” from which I will go elsewhere when not needed here (or when the immigration rules demand).  Elsewhere of course includes visits to my friends and my original family in USA.

But elsewhere may also include language learning trips—pilgrims with dozens of languages come through here—and trips to help other ministries or charities.  Maybe even an occasional vacation.

¹Several trips over four years, thanks to immigration restrictions.

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