Walking with an attitude

The walk from the Pamplona bus station to Aloha Hostel is less than five hundred meters.  But after looking at the map, silly-me went the opposite direction.  Had to stop and rearrange the bags several times because they wouldn’t stay the way I wanted them.  Got quite irritated at that, and then when I found that I had gone hundreds of meters the wrong way, got downright angry.

So I sat down and said, “I am not going anywhere until I have a better attitude.  This baggage strap and this GPS are not my gods and cannot deliver me from any kind of trouble.”  (Isaiah 44:17)

The bike paths along the river from Aloha to the train station are very nice, even at 25ºC (unless you take them with a bad attitude).  Even nicer, if there’s time, would be to walk along the river.

Halfway, used my map to point a confused pilgrim down the “right” path to Santiago

Now sitting in the train station draining the computer to recharge the phone, since my haste in packing made the chargers hard to get to.

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