No man is an island?

There were times that my theme song could have been “I Am a Rock.”

But it isn’t true that “a [metaphoric] rock feels no pain.”  Nor does God want us to be alone.

He has put many special people in my life.  One of them recently started a trip from Spain to Canada, and in acknowledgment, another played for us the song “Friends.”  Maybe it’s not always true, but for sure it’s true sometimes.  It’s pretty cool when you re-encounter one of them after a long disconnect.  And of course, there’s One who never leaves.

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  1. Michelle Paudois says:

    But we’re not rocks. At time we wish it were true. We do fill pain, we feel connections and when we listen we experience the love God has for us. Those that He places in our life become Who we are. God is our Island, our rock as well as the provider. Our strength comes from opening our hearts and listening

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