We’ve been looking at Ezekiel 47 here this week, and I am thinking about some of the details in this story about the river.

  • You might not be able to just “dive in.” They had to go out five hundred meters before it was ankle-deep, and two kilometers before it was “deep enough to swim in.”
  • It isn’t getting deeper as they go toward the middle; they are moving away from the source, downstream.  The river gets deeper as it flows.  (Not sure what that means.)
  • Where ever the river flows, the water is fresh and there is life, except at the edges, the swamps.  Where the water isn’t flowing, the swamps remain stagnant and dead.

That last reminds me of a vision I had about six years ago. of a huge pond in Africa.  It was fed by a spring, and fresh, clear, cool water was bubbling up in the center of it.  But crowded all around the edge of the pond were all sorts of animals trying to drink from the mud stirred up by their hooves.

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