Traveling Light

Tell us what five things you would never leave behind on a trip and explain why.

Obviously, this depends on the length of the trip, the destinations, and the mode of travel.  (I think the editor of the book didn’t put a lot of thought into some of the questions.)

In general, I like to travel light.  Any place that has an airport also has food, clothing, toiletries, ATMs, and pharmacies.  Probably just about anything else.

If the trip is any significant length, what I would most like to not to leave behind is my wife¹.  Second would be my passport.  After those, the iPad (containing my library and my bible), my cellphone, and my bicycle.

Things that can be easily replaced but are inconvenient to do so are a few changes of clothes and a tooth brush.  Something that can’t be easily replaced, but which I can usually do without for weeks is the data on my laptop.

¹I wrote this on a short trip to Oklahoma, wishing she hadn’t had to stay behind in Oregon.

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