What a guy!

What image of your father is the most striking in your memory? Why that image?

This question brought not one, but three things to mind:

1. My father kept his promises.  This sticks in my mind for one promise in particular.  We were supposed to go fishing one Saturday.  I walked into his office and announced I was ready to go.  Without turning from his desk, he said he had a lot of work to do.  Crushed, I silently turned and walked out of the room.  But a little bit later the same morning, he came to me and said, “Come on, son, let’s go fishing.”

2.  From before I knew people had jobs, until I was in college myself, my father was a teacher (high school, junior high, and college).  But more than that, he taught me how to pitch tents, mow lawns, pound nails, saw straight lines, drive a tractor, milk goats, clean fish, throw hay bales, dress rabbits, balance a log on my shoulder, set fence posts, stretch barbed wire, and on and on …

3. He wasn’t afraid to let me learn the hard way sometimes.  When I fell into a hole in a river at age twelve, and was screaming and thrashing, he didn’t pull me out.  Instead, he crouched next to me and spoke calmly until I calmed down and found it was only neck deep.  (Before anyone accuses him of not caring, let it be known that he did fetch me up from the bottom of a pool when I was much younger.

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