Who’s in charge?

Some thoughts from a meeting I recently attended:

We in USA¹ should be grateful for and support our rights: to vote, to say what we believe, to assemble (peaceably), and more.  But that’s neither where to put our faith nor our primary focus.

In a tough spot, Jeshoshaphat put the worshippers ahead of the warriors.

If God wanted to, He could resurrect Billy Graham or Charles Finney and put him in the White House.  Or on the Supreme Court.  And He wouldn’t have to wait for an election or senate confirmation.

He could just as easily allow us to experience the conditions happening in places like Iran, China, and so on, where the church is growing² rapidly.

Vote, speak, write letters, post on Facebook, whatever.  But try to keep a good attitude³ while you do it.  And don’t lose your faith in or your focus on Who is really in charge.

Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it
Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman wakens in vain.

¹And other “free” countries.
²In fairness, there is an opposing view:
  Does persecution really bring church growth?
  Does the church thrive under persecution?
³Our posts and comments about others—including politicians—should not be hateful or false or seem to be.

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