Persecution? You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

I’m always very skeptical about the accuracy of anything I read these days.  But it’s telling that people on both sides have similar stories about this one:

For months (more than a year), I have come to believe that what happens to Christians in China, Iran, Afghanistan, and north Korea will eventually come to north America. Events like this tell me it will be sooner than I expected.  But the following statements are not the appropriate response.

  • “If you mess with them or our first amendment right to worship God – you’ll meet the ministry of laying on of hands,” Feucht added, sending a warning to individuals that plan to disrupt the event.

    “If you mess with them or our First Amendment right to worship God—you’ll meet Jesus one way or another,” wrote Feucht in a Twitter post after the event, showing a picture of him posing with a group of men in matching black and tan uniforms, most wearing sunglasses.

I hope pastor Feucht was misquoted and did not actually say either of those. That is not how Jesus advised us to respond to persecution.

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