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When trying to help financially with a need, it’s a challenge to know whether a group is really helping or taking advantage of our generosity to help themselves.  Or whether they are using the funds in a way that doesn’t get hijacked by people who don’t really need it.  Someone I trust in Romania offered these three suggestions:

I know the director at the Kairos Mission School in Suceava, Romania.  They are currently housing over 500 refugees with more coming daily.  I talked with the director Andy on the phone today and he said that their biggest needs are prayers, finances, and Ukrainian translators.  The finances that they receive would go directly to helping house and feed the refugees that are staying with them now.  Andy said that the majority of refugees staying with them don’t want to travel to Bucharest.  They want to stay by the border in the hopes this conflict is over soon.  So, if you’d like to send money to the missionary training school that is banding together with churches in Suceava to feed and house refugees, here’s a link (make sure you put “Worsop¹ Emergency Relief Project” in the box provided): Kairos Mission School.

Through a TBRI course I took online almost one year ago exactly, I met an American missionary woman who married a Ukrainian and does amazing work in Ukraine with the disabled and orphaned children.  She and her family are safe in the US on a planned Home Assignment trip, but they are in contact with people in Ukraine and providing monetary assistance for gas, medicine, plane tickets, etc.  If you’d like to give to support their work with Ukrainians—this mostly involves helping Ukrainians who are staying and/or helping people get out of the country, here’s a link for that: Globe International—for gift preference, select “Ukraine War Relief.”

The EFCA ReachGlobal’s Crisis Response team is mobilizing their teams now and will be providing assistance soon (perhaps they’ve already started even).  They work with trusted partners and churches on the ground to provide coordinated help.  If you’d like to support Crisis Response, here’s that link: EFCA.

Another friend of mine has worked with Crisis International which has also started a response to Ukraine.

Afghan people—especially Christians, other non-muslims, and any who helped USA—are also (still) in great danger.  A group helping them is Little Treasures.

¹“Worsop” is correct (not Worship).

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