Cost of Living

Considering a move to or within Spain (or anywhere)?

If you go to this page, you can adjust lifestyle factors, enter the name of a city, and get an estimate of cost of living:ño-Logrono-Spain

And anyone can help us out by adding data for where you live (to make it more accurate):

Numbeo has no data for some places I’m interested in.  If you live in Navarra or La Rioja and are willing to tell me about rent, please add a comment below for

  • What city or village?
  • What type of vivienda?
  • How much monthly rent?

Comments will not be posted.  I may post a tabulation of the answers (but I will NOT post anyone’s name or e-mail).

The comment form asks for an e-mail address, but I don’t use it.  Feel free to put in a fake one.  Even a fake name if you wish.

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