Monopoly vs. Real Life

In Monopoly, you start out with $1500, and each time around, payday is $200.  Everyone is economically equal.  And no one ever gets a raise or loses a job.  To be more like real life, here are some suggested variations:

1.a. The first step of the game is for each player to roll a die.  According to the roll, the player’s starting fund and salary is:

 die   fund   salary
  1	430     60
  2 	640     90
  3    1050    140
  4    1500    200
  5    2100    285
  6    3200    430


1.b. Those amounts, maybe others, are on a small deck of cards that are shuffled, and drawn from to determine each player’s economic status.

2. Each side of the board needs one new space.  One of them is “Fired or laid off.”  Land there, and your salary changes to unemployment insurance, which is half as much.  The other three are “Job offer.”  Land on one of those and if unemployed, you roll the die (or draw a card) to get a new salary amount.  If employed, roll the die (or draw a card) for a new salary amount which you can choose to accept or keep the amount (job) you already have.

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