About the Wild, Wild Wes

The Past

My first sixty years can be almost neatly packaged in decades:

  • 1954-1964: getting civilized.
  • 1964-1974: getting educated.
  • 1974-1984: serving my country in the U.S. Navy
  • 1984-1994: serving my country in G.E. Aerospace (now Lockheed Martin)
  • 1994-2004: serving my country in Raytheon.
  • 2004-2014: serving my community in Parkview Health.

It was not quite that regular (details), but it will be a lot less regular from now on.

The Future

Since 2012 or earlier, I’ve had an urge to get rid of everything but what I can carry, and hit the road.  I gave several people the chance to “talk some sense” into me, but no one tried.  So, here I go!  If this is a mid-life crisis, then I guess I’ve got sixty years to go….

Bum, vagabond, hobo, nomad, pilgrim, tramp, wanderer, …. ?   Call it what you will—I’m not classifying it, I’m just doing it.  And (maybe) writing about it.

The Family

I’ll let my adult children make their own decisions on what to reveal on the nosy network.  As for my wife, you can read this.  If you are looking for romance, don’t contact me—all mine remains with her.

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