Happy Hobo?

Maybe “Wandering Weirdo” is a better title.

The dude

Various posts on this site discuss the point¹ of my wanderings, especially

The site

This blog is kind of like a missionary’s newsletter, only more disorganized and less predictable.  Another blog² is for a more general audience.  It was started before this one.  If I had known at the time that I would have two of them, the names would be swapped.

The blog has “posts,” “pages,” and an “index.”  The index, which you can get back to by clicking the blog title in the upper left corner, lists the first few lines of each article, with the newest one first.  All are listed, but not all on the first screen.  Instead of the next-screen link being at the bottom of the articles, it’s the last thing in the sidebar.  I know that’s not the best place to put it, and maybe I’ll fix that someday.  Almost all of the programming for the blog was done by other people (look up “Wordpress”), and it’s not in one of the languages I worked with before I retired from software engineering.  You might want to scroll down that right side-bar so you’ll know what’s in there.

If you encounter a triangle on the left-hand side, like ▶, the line following it is a “summary” of some hidden details.  Click on that line to reveal those details.  And if you see an abbreviation or code you don’t recognize, put your mouse pointer over it (hover) and wait about a second.  Often an explanation will appear.  If you encounter something that needs such an explanation to be added, comment on it if the post allows comments.  Comments like that won’t be published; comments that relate to the subject of the post will be published after I review them to make sure they are not spam.

¹If there is a point.
²The two blogs have been merged; still thinking about the name.

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