“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the Lᴏʀᴅ’s purposes will prevail.”
“The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lᴏʀᴅ directs his steps.”

It’s kind of hard to keep this up-to-date.  But you can see what details are available by expanding details in the summary below.  For discussion of how things keep changing, see: “What’s Next,” “Who Sent You?,” “Surprise!,” and “Surprised Again.”

Updated 23 February 2019.

Trips Planned

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Yuma, Arizona, March 2019

Had to give up the ambitious multi-stop driving plan.

  EUGPHX AA3065 2019 Feb 28 lv 11:53 arr 15:30
  PHXYUM AA2988 2019 Feb 28 lv 16:21 arr 17:17
  YUMPHX AA3060 2019 Mar 06 lv 21:15 arr 22:13
  PHXEUG AA3144 2019 Mar 07 lv 14:30 arr 16:10

Spain, etc., March-May 2019
  EUGSEA AA3065 2019 Mar  9 lv 18:45 arr 20:00
  SEAJFK AA2988 2019 Mar  9 lv 21:49 arr 07:00¹
  JFKLGW AA3060 2019 Mar 10 lv 20:40 arr 07:10¹
  LGWBCN AA3144 2019 Mar 11 lv 09:45 arr 12:50
  2019 03 12 room in Barcelona
  Barcelona-Sants → Pamplona (train) 2019 Mar 12 lv 12:10 arr 16:06
  2019 03 12 room in Pamplona
  2019 03 13 rental car to Luquin
  13 March to 5 May in España (mostly Navarra)
  2019 05 05 bus or rental car to Pamplona after church ??
  2019 05 05 room in Pamplona ??
  2019 05 06 train Pamplona to Barcelona ??
  2019 05 06 room in Barcelona
  2019 05 07 17:00 leave Barcelona (cruise — map)
  2019 05 08 Ten hours in Valencia
  2019 05 09 Ten hours in Cartagena
  2019 05 10 Eight hours in Gibraltar
  2019 05 12 Nine hours in Gijón
  2019 05 14 05:30 arrive Southampton
  2019 05 17 16:30 leave Southampton on the Queen Mary 2.
  2019 05 24 06:30 arrive New York
  ¹next day

Oregon coast, July 2019

Three-day Byers family reunion.  Possibly camping (18-21 July).

Trips Past

(Click any trip for details.)

Oklahoma, January 2019

Return trip not as planned, but overall, everything nice.

  EUGSFO UA 996 2019 Jan 08 lv 05:45 arr 07:32
  SFOOKC UA5585 2019 Jan 08 lv 10:40 arr 16:10
  Apointments 9-10 Jan at Veteran’s Clinic, Fort Smith;
  10-13 Jan with family & friends in Sallisaw
  Reception 13 Jan for the newlyweds at Badger Lee Baptist Church
  FSMDFW AA5779 2019 Jan 14 lv 14:17 arr 15:29
  DFWLAX AA2318 2019 Jan 14 lv 17:50 arr 19:02
  LAXEUG AA2996 2019 Jan 14 lv 20:10 arr 22:33

Spain to USA, November 2018

Good news from a friend suggested I might be going to Taiwan again this year.  )But not to tie one on!)  Unfortunately, the time of year, along with other factors, made both the expense and the scheduling infeasible.  So, I must congratulate 楊尚容 (Anita) and 馬恩澤 (Tony) from a distance, when they have their wedding only five days before ours!

Instead, Gerrit Jan dropped me off at the Pamplona train station, where I took a train to Barcelona, and then flew to Portland, Oregon (PDX), changing planes at Gatwick (LGW).  Shuttle from Portland to Eugene/Springfield, where I will marry my high school sweetheart (nearly a half-century overdue).

Oklahoma to Spain, Sep. 2018

See it on a map.

  • Get a ride to Fort Smith with my niece’s husband.
  • Wee hours bike ride to bus station
  • Bus to Memphis, Tennessee
  • Another bus to Birmingham, Alabama
  • A night’s sleep (hopefully) in an AirBNB booking.
  • Morning bus to Gadsden, Alabama
  • In Gadsden, visit friend that I met in Spain
  • Three nights at Nomad’s Land.  Another friend I met in Spain will be working there, though I didn’t know it when I booked.
  • Bus to Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Visit another niece; stay overnight.
  • Bus to Fort Lauderdale, Florida (arriving midnight, yecch)
  • One-hour ride to another AirBNB booking for four hours sleep.  They let me leave my bike there for a few days.
  • Plane to San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • Hitchhike to San Miguel.
  • Acquaintance in San Miguel will drive me to Choluteca, Honduras.  Visit friends who have been missionaries there since 1992.  Maybe explore a little.  Nights at another AirBNB booking.
  • Buses to Jiquilisco, another AirBNB booking.
  • Buses back to San Salvador airport, fly to Fort Lauderdale.
  • Sleep at the same place.  Saturday, leave with the bike and do ?? for a few hours.
  • 00:45 Sunday morning, fly to Barcelona.
  • Sleep in another AirBNB booking
  • Next day, train to Pamplona.
  • Three days biking to Villamayor de Monjardin, then eight to twelve weeks there with Oasis Trails.  (Possibly some short trips elsewhere.)

Back in the USA (via England), 2018 July-September

Interesting trip but I have to put off the details till another day; time to sleep.  If you want to know but get tired of waiting, remind me!

USA to Spain, 2018 March 28
  FSMBOS GLI 2018 Mar 26 lv 03:15 arr Mar 27 21:20
  Taking the bus a day early, but with four bus changes and
  Greyhound’s typical late buses/missed connections (three this trip!),
  I was concerned about missing the flight.  But I made it.
  BOSBCN IB2626 2018 Mar 28 lv 20:15 arr Mar 29 09:30
  I was in Andorra for four days;
  then three bus trips in two days to Navarra.
  My legal Schengen time was up 29 June 2018, but I left earlier because proving I had two full days in Andorra wasn’t worth the trouble.

Korea to USA, 2018 March 13-15

     I spent a day in Běijīng (北京), half a day in San Francisco, and five hours in Denver.

  ICNPEK CA 132 2018 Mar 12 lv 15:10 arr 16:15
  PEKSFO CA 985 2018 Mar 13 lv 16:00 arr 12:20¹
  SFODEN F9 670 2018 Mar 13 lv 00:55 arr 04:36¹
  DENOKC F91650 2018 Mar 14 lv 10:02 arr 12:49
  bus to Muskogee on the 15th.
  ¹crossing date line

Taiwan to Korea, 2018 Feb 9
  TPETAE BX 792 2018 Feb  9 lv 02:30 arr 06:00

Bus about two and a half hours to Ulsan, sister city to Portland, Oregon.  A week there, then train to Seoul.  Visited churches in Ulsan, Yoido, Osan, and Sinchon.  City Light will probably be my church next time I am in Seoul—unless my Korean proficiency has gotten high enough to make worship in Korean feasible.

San Francisco to Taiwan, 2018 Jan 2-4
  SFOKMG MU 768 2018 Jan  2 lv 12:40 arr 23:35 next day
  KMGTPE MU2027 2018 Jan  4 lv 09:00 arr 12:00

About a week in Taipei, then a couple of days in Nuannuan.  My Taiwanese friend showed me around a really fascinating geological site.  More about that in a separate post¹ when I have more time.  Then three days of Chinese lessons in Hualien (花莲), a few more days there and back to Taipei to (mostly) study the mountain of material from the fast-paced Chinese class.

While in Taipei, Hualien was hit by several earthquakes.  I could feel two of them in Taipei.

¹Also a post about the cool exhibits at the National Palace Museum.

Sallisaw to San Francisco, 2017 Dec 30
  FSMDFW AA2873 2017 Dec 30 lv 14:43 arr 15:55
  DFWSFO AA1387 2017 Dec 30 lv 17:00 arr 18:59  

There were low-cost places to stay right next to the airport, but I noticed that I could go just a little further and rent from someone who speaks Chinese.  Well, didn’t see much of her, but she had signs in Chinese here and there in the room, so I got a little practice translating them.  And a lot of fun 爬山 in the peninsula.

Fort Wayne to Sallisaw, Nov. 2017

Buses to Fort Smith, then Ron picked me up to go back to Sallisaw.  Thanks to Greyhound’s inability to keep a schedule, got there in the wee hours instead of mid-afternoon the day before.

Washington, DC, Nov. 2017

after Thanksgiving, Christopher and I took his car to Washington to hang out with Michael a couple of days.  Nice walks, nice restaurants, nice animé, nice MahJong.  Then back to Fort Wayne to pack up and go south.

Fort Wayne, Nov. 2017

early November, flew from London to Toronto for a week-end.  Bus to Detroit for one night, then on to Fort Wayne.

London, Nov. 2017

Hallowe’en was my last legal day in Schengen, so the day before I flew to London.  Took the bike to Brompton’s main store and got the bottom bracket replaced for free.  Found a group ministering to Japanese folks and got a few copies of the gospel of John.  Fifty cents each for the exact same thing Amazon sells for $7.95.

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