John 3:8

What are the roads Wandering Wes walks down?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.

Someone said that travel is more fun without plans.  I agree, except that plans make lower transportation costs possible, and lower transportation costs make more travel possible.  So if I’m going to have plans, I may as well share them.  Maybe I can persuade someone to join me.

Subject to change at any time!  (John 3:8)  Notes on previous wanderings are on another page.

This page really needs updating, but I can’t do it right now.  However, I think I will be in Spain most of 2017.

3 Jan 2016—mid Jan 2016

Dallas, Texas, USA

A “TOTAL It Up!” seminar, and then (hopefully) meet with some folks at Wycliffe, GIAL, and Pioneer.

mid Jan 2016—mid Mar 2016

Huaycan, Lima, Perú

Working with Peru Hope and possibly other projects.

12—23 Feb 2016

near Iquitos & Mazan, Lima, Perú

Helping out Project Amazonas for a week, then back to Lima.

mid Mar 2016

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Meet a group from Oklahoma in Nuevo Laredo for another week’s work in Monterrey, then back to Oklahoma for a few days.

Apr 2016

Camino de Santiago and Zamora, Spain

From Pamplona, west along the Camino by bicycle, veering off to visit a friend in Zamora.

May 2016

Navarre, España

Like last spring, working with Oasis Trails and exploring Navarre on my days off.

Jun 2016

near Sibiu, Romania

Helping a group of churches & charities in this part of Romania.  Might get to see a little of Milan, Budapest, and Bucharest on the way there from Spain.

rest of 2016


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