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I sold my home in Indiana when I retired in October 2014.  Since then, I have traveled a lot, and so have been in many churches in many places.  By the end of 2015, I will have spent almost nine months in Oklahoma.  During that time, I alternated between my parents’ church and my sister’s church.  I don’t think they know me very well, but these two churches are:

Badger Lee Baptist Church
3049 North J.T. Stites Blvd.
Sallisaw, OK 74955
Journey Church¹
814 East Cherokee Ave.
Sallisaw, OK 74955

From December 1995 to October 2014 (and several times since), my pastor was Ron Allen, whom I still consult occasionally for advice.  He can still be reached at
Heartland Church
1025 Vance Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

From March 1984 to June 1995, my pastor was J. R. Farley, whom I also consult occasionally for advice.  He is retired, but he can still be reached
c/o Calvary Church²
8480 Morgan Road
Clay, NY 13041

Many people at Heartland will remember me, but I visited Calvary Church² about three years ago and only knew a few people.  I am not “sent” in any formal way by any church, but those I have talked to have been in favor.  I have not asked anyone for financial support because I have more than enough income to live on.

¹Name changed to United Faith; same address.
²Name changed to Family Worship Center; same address.

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